Joakim Gräns is an actor with Moroccan and Swedish origins, known from a great number of plays and roles at the most reputed theaters of Sweden.

He has been working close with many of the most recognized stage directors of Stockholm, Berlin and Copenhagen since his debute in 2003.

Born in the south of Sweden, Skåne, but based in Stockholm since many years, he speaks both dialects perfectly.

Joakim Gräns

Actor & Director

Joakim Gräns
Joakim Gräns
Joakim Gräns
Joakim Gräns
Joakim Gräns
Joakim Gräns

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STOPP season 4

is now on Swedish national TV (svt) and in this drama serial for kids Joakim will co starr as the father, Tommy.



The crimes of the gang Salaligan from 1936 is one of the most known in Swedens

criminal history.

You will see Joakim Gräns as the fornetic psychiatrist Olof Kinberg in the theater play SALALIGAN at Västmanlands Teater.

Opening March 25, 2023


Västmanslands Teater

Salaligan WEB
Salaligan WEB2